About Us

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コーヒー or Kōhī is the Japanese word for “coffee.”

We make works of art to energize you.

We’re a small, family-run handmade business. We believe that the items you surround yourself with set the tone for your life. You’re the curator, you set your own stage. Our work is here to make you feel confident and empowered as you move throughout the world.  As you carry our pieces with you they become imbued with whatever meaning and memories you give them—the time you walked along the banks of the Kakogawa River, the time you went to your friend’s first comedy show, the time you found that hidden cafe, the time you adopted your dog, the time you got coffee with your mom—all the big and small moments that matter to you. You’re the one making a full life, we’re simply here to help you feel good while you do it.

Or maybe you just want some pretty earrings, that's cool too.


Everything you see here is slow-made, by hand, in the state of Arizona. I’m a human, and just like you I’m constantly changing, so the products we provide will (hopefully) change and grow over time.


Coming from the studio now: earrings. Art you can wear!