About Us

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The name "Kohi" draws inspiration from the Japanese word for coffee (コーヒー), with "ko" pronounced like in "coat" and "hi" like "he."

Kohi is a solo venture run by me, Jessica Malik. While living in Japan, I loved exploring coffee shops. The rich experience of coffee, with its ability to provide comfort, moments of serenity, and a revitalizing pick-me-up, has been something I strive to recreate with my work.

I hope to create pieces that transcend mere objects, aiming to evoke the same feelings of warmth and inspiration that a perfect cup of coffee can offer. You, as the curator of your own life, play a vital role in infusing my creations with your unique memories and meanings. From mugs for sharing tea with friends, to art you see when you get ready in the morning, to earrings you wear as you explore a new city, each piece is a canvas for your personal narrative. Just as coffee fuels your senses, I hope to enrich your life's moments, both big and small. 

Everything you see here is slow-made, by hand, in the state of Arizona. I’m a human, and just like you I’m constantly changing, so the products we provide will (hopefully) change and grow over time.